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Turning any wall into a gallery.

A hanging system consists of a horizontal rail, vertical hangers and adjustable hooks. This will give you complete flexibility when hanging your pictures.

Our Hanging Systems


"I was amazed at how easy it was to use!"

DW, Edinburgh 18/01/21

"How did you hear about us?: Used this fantastic system before."

AH, London, 9/4/21

"I have used your system at other museums and heritage sites and know how much time/effort it saves when hanging panels and paintings."

EJH Gloucester 15/2/21

"Your hanging system was wonderful to use around the house, especially for the Open House, so quick and easy."

IP, Devon 18/3/21

"It's a brilliant system, so versatile."

GC, Sittingbourne 3/2/21

"We are delighted with your hanging system in our gallery,"

CG, Lewes 26/4/21