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Turning any wall into a gallery.

A hanging system consists of a horizontal rail, vertical hangers and adjustable hooks. This will give you complete flexibility when hanging your pictures.


Our Hanging Systems


"Picture rails look fantastic. Really pleased we’ve gone ahead and done this!"

SS, Wokingham, 14/7/22

"Thanks. The system looks great."

DV, Gwynedd, 19/1/22

"I have bought your picture hanging system on a couple of occasions in the past. I have recently moved house. Your system is so extraordinarily versatile I want to install it the new house."

NP, Sussex, 15/2/22

"Speedy delivery much appreciated - I am so pleased that we have your system, it works brilliantly".

PP, Northants, 22/6/22

"Your company kindly came and set up a hanging and lighting system in our Hall/Gallery in 2019. All excellent and we use it all the time."

VL, Borders 9/2/22

"The rails are fixed and looking great. The system is working very well!"

PS, Castle Donnington, 27/6/22